Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rudrcoin Innovation Ecosystem?

Rudcoin system - is unique blockchain platform that provide funds and facilities to the innovators for design, development and marketplace; to convert your dream idea into real-life product, which is valuable in market and fulfil the customer needs.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

You can pay in BTC, ETH and LTC.

What is Rudrcoin’s Vision?

Rudrcoin’s vision is to be the go-to cryptocurrency for the people who having innovative idea want to convert into real by crossing all the barriers. Rudrcoin is a blockchain based platform for innovators who want to raise funding for research and development work and also provide a platform to offer the online E-commerce service.

How can I participate in the ICO coin sale?

First, register with your valid mail id. After verification, you can login into the user dashboard. In Purchase RC section clicks on ICO section. Enter your Investment Amount in USD,the approximate total coin payable price will be automatically calculated and visible along with the number of coins with Bonus. Choose your contribution method BTC, ETH. Once you select your payment method, Copy the amount. After that go to the Wallet section in dashboard and click on the Deposit button. Copy/Scan the displayed address Send your cryptocurrency from any wallet you like (also exchange wallet is ok). After payment received in your dashboard, automatically balance update. and purchase your rudrcoin in Purchase RC section. For more information visit our blog.

How do I benefit from the ICO Coin?

The fact that ICOs are open to the general public means anyone in the cryptocurrency industry can partake if they can get funds transferred on time. This means the projects can raise funds in a completely decentralized manner, which is quite important. More investors from all over the world means there is less centralization, which is what cryptocurrency is all about.

What is the difference between tokens and coins?

The main difference is in their structure: coins are separate cryptocurrencies with their own separate blockchains platform, while tokens works on top of a blockchain which supports creating decentralized applications. Click for more details

How does Rudrcoin compare with other similar cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.)?

Rudrcoin is based upon the Litecoin source code. Rudrcoin is technically a part off other established coins (i.e. BTC, LTC). Rudrcoin is using the Scrypt algorithm to adjust the difficulty after every block to protect it from rogue miners, and keep the transaction safe and stable.

Where can I find the Rudrcoin code repository?

Source code on Github

Where is the Rudrcoin block explorer?

Click here for Rudrcoin blockExplorer.

What are the coin’s parameters?

Total amount: 58800000 RC; Block rewards: 140 RC; Hashing algorithm: Scrypt; Type: PoW; Block size: 16 MB; Block time: 5 mins

Where can I find and download the wallet?

You can download the wallet at our official website ( To choose the wallet for your Operating System you should scroll the web page down until you see the buttons Download Windows Wallet. Currently, there are wallets for Win 64 bit, Win 32 bit, Linux and Mac OS.

How do I backup my wallet?

There are two ways to do it: by a backup file wallet.dat and by a private key. For the first one you basically need only to copy the file and save it in a safe place, and for the second one you will need to enter some commands in the Console inside your wallet. However, private key will help you to restore your coins even if you do not have a wallet.dat saved. So we would recommend to process both options for better security of your wallet and the coins.

What is a private key? How do I get it?

The private key is a secret data which approves you are the owner of the wallet and the coins. To make it simple it is a key to your wallet and the coins inside it. Private key consists of 52 random characters both numerical and alphabetic. Your private key (or keys) are stored at your computer if you use a desktop wallet, and at remote servers, if you use a light web wallet. Do not disclose your private key in public to avoid unauthorized access to your wallet. It is strongly recommended to generate private key once you install your wallet and receive any coins. You will be able to restore your wallet with it even you lose the wallet.dat file.

I lost my wallet.dat. What should I do?

We are sorry but we can not help you in this situation because we do not store wallets’ data at our side.
The only option we could offer is to search your computer or some other device for a wallet.dat copy or use your previously generated private key.

What is the wallet encryption?

Our Rudrcoin Core wallet has encryption option which prevents unauthorized operations with your coins - no one can transfer coins from your wallet without knowing your passphrase.

Can I create a wallet back up at Windows system and then install the wallet with this file at Linux system?

Yes, you can, because back up files in either of the systems have the same extension (*.dat).

From when does ICO Starts?

Pre-sale starts from 13th August, 2018 - 26th August, 2018
Public ICO starts from 03rd September, 2018 - 07th October, 2018.

What is the coin price during Rudrcoin ICO?

Price of Each RC coin during Pre-Sale: $0.10 with 40% to 35%Bonus
Price of Each RC coin during Public ICO Sale Varies: $0.10 - $0.30 with 30% to 10% bonus

How do I participate in Private Pre-Sale?

To participate in Private Pre-Sale you can mail us on "[email protected]".

What are the coin’s distribution?

ICO (Pre-sale + Public ICO ): 65% RC
RC Developers’ Team capitals: 13%
Rudrcoin advisors: 10%
bonus: 9%
Bounty: 3%

Why would I need a Let's Encrypt SSL?

An SSL certificate protects your customers' sensitive information – such as passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers – from being obtained by malicious third parties. Customers can see if your site is protected when they see the green lock icon on their browser. SSL certificates are also one of the factors search engines, such as Google, use to determine where a website appears in search results.

How do I secure my coins?

Save backup file wallet.dat to an external drive, e.g. flash drive.
Never send anyone your backup file wallet.dat or private keys.
Encrypt your wallet.
Never send screenshots where your private key is shown to general group/chat rooms or anyone else including Rudrcoin team members.